Pinduoduo video product walkthrough

The landing page in ~5 minutes

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A frustrating aspect of writing about Chinese tech is that I’m telling you a 2D theory while living a 3D experience, especially in the case of a product where it’s hard to capture the depth of the experience. Today I want to follow up on themes and theory previously explored here with a short product walkthrough of the landing page of Pinduoduo

The landing page of a Chinese app is a magical place. While Chinese apps often get criticised for being cluttered, I think on some level they realised the true scarcity was attention and decided to go all-in on giving the user everything they wanted (or at least have the function for that) on one screen. 

You know each pixel of that attention real estate has been carefully laboured and fought over by armies of product managers and developers. This means the home page of a Chinese consumer app is a picture form of their strategy in real-time. 

Let’s go into (what I think) Pinduoduo is planning:

Premium members have access to the complete Pinduoduo Product Walkthrough (~30 minutes in bite-sized videos) in the Chinese Characteristics’ Circle community tomorrow. Walkthroughs for Bilibili and Meituan are there as well. Please note annual members have access straight away but monthly subscribers will need to wait 15 days before they can access the videos.

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