The Meituan Bear Case

My sick note and a pair of Acquired podcasts

Hi folks, 

I’ve been out sick for most of this week with a bad chest cold. It looks like I’m going to survive. Still, unfortunately, my limited waking hours have been spent either in recuperation mode (watching Bilibili videos and getting Meituan takeouts) or trying to finish the Bilibili deep-dive (which is in editing mode and will be with the premium subscribers soon. The eternal question is whether it would have been finished sooner had I rested, got better and then worked on it, but alas). This left no time for my intended piece on part II of the State of Chinese Cloud.

In its place, let me suggest a few things for your bi-weekly Chinese tech deep-dive needs:

If there’s appetite, I’ll be happy to write a longer piece here similar to my note with Alibaba. Drop me a note; you know where to find me (reply to this email is where you can find me). 

Sickly yours but raging, raging against the dying of the light,